Kung Hei Fat Choy :D

WOW!!!! Happy Lunar New Year  (The year of  Snake )!!!!!

This is our team members first time enjoy the Lunar New Year in oversea :)

it's very excited !!!!!!

our team member is a lovely  chinese girl , she taught a lot of interest things about the chiness festival,so wonderful , yay <3

The giant  panda is national treasure of China , and we love panda very very very much ^.^
 SOOOOOOOO  Lovey , lol~~~~

our master sculptors have created a Chinese style dress ( qi pao )  for the lovely pands, she's SUPER CUTE and BEAUTIFUL!

do you think so, hehehe~~~~~

and our floriest have created a beautiful table decorations for the Lunar New Year , and want to share the happiness with all of our friends and our customers :)

Enjoy ~~~~~~~ :P

all the best wishes for us in The year of Snake 2013 !!!!!



special custom order ;D

this is our special custom order ;)
the wedding theme is a story about the lovely rabbit and piggy^^

they request the piggy cake topper to wearing a same gown
of the bride's beautiful Vera Wang gown ^.^

and you can see the groom was taking pictures of the lovely bride......^v^

our customer love the rabbit and piggy very much and the cake topper was a big hit
in their wedding party. \^o^/ ~~~~~

lovely tare panda :) so............... lazy -.-

oh............... so kawaii ^.^

Love Love Love panda so much,lol~~~~~

what about you ?^^